Citius, Altius Fortius

February 13, 2010

Over the next 2 weeks I will be taking part in the knitting olympics, an event that takes place every 2 years (summer and winter games) where knitters around the world challenge themselves to knit (or crochet, weave or spin) something that will be a stretch for them to complete in the time frame. The mass cast on takes place during the opening ceremony and the project must be finished by the closing ceremony.

I will be knitting satchel ( which will also double up as Tessa’s (late) birthday present.

This should be fun, and stressful, as also taking place in the next fortnight are

1, The hunt for a new workshop
2, A new part time job (technically started 2 weeks ago, but still new)
3, A day out to a trade show
4, Segway racing (don’t ask)



February 1, 2010

His name is Blofeld,
He likes eating yarn, climbing in boxes and chasing his tail in the bathtub
He dislikes his litter tray. We are working on that.


February 1, 2010

I’m back!
It’s been very hectic around here lately, I’ve got a new job, moved out of the workshop (have yet to find somewhere to move in to yet) had my birthday and have spent a lot of time seeing family and friends. Chris is preparing to go to sea and we have been given a kitten (I have never had a cat before, it’s a learning curve)

I managed to finish most of the christmas knitting in time, and was given some gorgeous yarn for my birthday. My Mum only got one glove for christmas (she now has 2) and on boxing day, my Dad not realising, spent a full hour looking for the other while having a tidy up.


December 15, 2009

The time is 0440 and I have just ran out of yarn for the fish hat I am making. Plus I ate most of the biscuits. someone hold me?

panicing now!

December 12, 2009

1, knitted rocket for Sam,
2, knitted jellyfish for Anna,
3, knitted cowl for Tessa,
4, knitted hat for sisters birthday,
5, all food items to be given as gifts

In progress:
1, gloves for Mum

Not started:
1, crocheted doctor Who for Gywn,
2, knitted hat for Niece,
3, sewn bag for Lizzie

This list is starting to scare me now, plus I have a jewellery order to do (hey! I mentioned jewellery, I bet you all forgot I do that, it’s been so long since I talked about it)


December 9, 2009

On friday, I did what everyone does the evening before a long journey and made a new overnight bag (and it took me most of the night to make)

It is loosely based on a bag patten I found on Crafster, here,

4 hours!

December 6, 2009

I spent 4 hours on a train yesterday, and all I managed to knit was this:

My hand is there for scale.
That is the cuff of the first glove of a pair that will (hopefully) become my mum’s christmas present. It is the kingdom pattern from knitty done on 2mm needles. I must be mad.

Another list

December 3, 2009

I am worried about the amount of things that have to be started/finished in the next 3 weeks. They are not going to be done in time.

Therefore I am adding to the list to make myself more stressed.

I understand this makes me an idiot.

Would an 11 year old girl like the fish hat from knitty?


November 27, 2009

I have finally started the Christmas knitting, I am currently at 2 out of 5 plus there is some none knitted things to make. And then I have to start the baking, which I’m trying not to think about at the moment.
I am at the stage of endless lists, where everything is still possible and I am not staying up all night.
But that will change.

So far my favorite thing is the wire jellyfish for Anna, who to my knowledge does not read the blog, so I can put a picture up.

It is currently hanging on the wall above where I am sitting.

A quick list.

November 18, 2009

1, The craft fair went very well, I haven’t updated the website yet even though I told many people at the fair that it would be done last week.

2, I should be getting some photos taken of the new jewellery next weekend, so the big update will probably be then.

3, I am currently knitting a big shawl from Victorian lace today, I want it finished by the fifth of December, this is very unlikely.

4, This is my first real lace project, so naturally I am making something massive and complicated in a colour that makes it difficult to see the stitches.

5, This means that my christmas knitting isn’t started yet, even though it is the middle of November.

6, I am therefore ignoring how close christmas is, in the hope that it will go away.